tour to chobots

here we will give a complete tour to chobots

we are currently updating the tour page according to the recent updates pls stay patient

heres the chobot map


we will start at the cafe street


here you can go to the mission street,shop square,cafe,game zone,underground

this is the most crowded place in chobots in my view beaware the sammers mostly take actions over here

lets move to the cafe


here you can play the coins rain game click on a chair to sit on it and when sitting on a chair click the table to buy drinks

ps:sit of a chair and dance some people will learn it and some people will ask you how to do that without trying

lets move to the game zone


in the game zone you can play different games that are asteroid cho board cho ball mechanical crab and robo factory they are really fun check them out to play a game stand on its teleport (the blue person i circeled is going to play the robo factory)i think that is a good example

now lets move to the underground


here if you are a agent,citizen or a mod you can draw on the wall or look at others amazing graffti

you can go to the park or to the cafe street through here

lets move to the park


here you can go to the underground or to the cafe street or to the eco shop which is coming soon

in the beta party there used to be a santa who gave out the santa hat scarf and shoes as beta items

the snow may get cleared soon

lets move to the shop square from here


here we are at the shop square you can go to the magic shop,shop(cloth shop),space quay and eco shop

lets move to the shop from here


go to the stuff catalog to buy clothes from the coins you earn in chobots by playing games or go to the suits catalog to buy suits that costs real 2$ for each suit

lets move to the magic shop


here you can buy magical items they are really fun

lets move to the space quay(on map its named as garbege collector)


click on the green or the violet teleports to play garbage collector there can be maximum 6 players in one game and 3 ppl in a team

now lets move to the space port square


here you can race in a lighting spaceship with your friends maximum 5 ppl can play against each other in this game

now lets move to the rope street


click on a teleport to play sweet battle maximum 3 ppl can play this game against each other you need to battle with sweet things

sweet battle mini guide

as there are no instructions in this let us help you

click on a weapon on the bar below then target it and hold the mouse button to set its power remember it cant go back and once it reach full then it will be shot heres how to target


there are many different weapons which have different properties and different amount of harms

click some where to move there and click on a little high and hold the mouse and move to move the screen

ok now lets move to mission street


here you can go to rope street,space quay or cafe street or go to the cow mission by the gate

lets go to mission agency


choose any of the mission and play heres how


heres how in words:-

first get the spade and dig

then get the seeds bag and sow seeds

then water it

then harvest it

then quickly get the hay before a nicho steal that

give the hay to the cow

give 3 hay to the cow and it is full then give a bucket and get paid

lastly ending out tour lets visit the academy


here you can go to the rope street or to the class room

lets move to the class room


ok now lets move to our home and have a look at the options


lets move to our home


here you can go to color shower to change your color(colour) and to wardrobe to change your clothes

lets see the functions of the wardrobe


chat history button


present button


heres how to see the friends online in another city and offline friends

click the green button once to see friends both in your city and in other citys and twice to see all your friends including offline ones


chobots basic rules(have a view they are important)

Advertising: You are not allowed to share links unless it is for a Chobots blog. If you are sharing your Chobots blog URL, you cannot say your link more than twice in a row. Saying it more than two times in a row will be considered to be spamming and is not allowed. Also, please try to say your blog without having the screen filled up by your advertisement.

Bad Language: Bad language is not allowed. It you wouldn’t say it in front of your Mom, Dad or teacher then you shouldn’t say it on Chobots. If you are caught saying bad words you will have your chat disabled for 5-15 minutes or may be kicked out. Using bad language can also lead to a ban, so don’t do it. Please be respectful of other Chobots and use kind words with talking to one another.

Charities: We think it’s great that you are trying to help out each other on Chobots, but if you’re going to give out gifts please do not ask for donations. Please do not feel like you have to give gifts – no one can be ‘poor’ on Chobots since everyone can work hard and earn money.

Begging: Please don’t beg/ask for clothes. If you have a glitch on your account that is causing you not to be able to earn money please email, or send an admin message so it can be fixed. Otherwise, work hard to earn money because it is annoying to have to deal with a lot of messages a day asking for clothing. If you are caught begging you may be kicked out or have your chat disabled for 5-15 minutes.

No Dating: Chobots is not meant for online dating, so please do it somewhere else.

Scamming: Of course, scamming is not allowed. An example of scamming is when someone says “if you give me a smiley shirt, I will give you my shoes” even though the player has no intentions of giving away a pair shoes. The other player says yes and gives away their smiley shirt but never gets the pair of shoes in return. Scamming is also saying something like “the first person to give me a gift will get a gift” because that is just tricking people into thinking they are first. Scamming can lead to a ban, so please don’t do this.

Asking to be an Agent / Moderator: Please DO NOT ask to be an Agent or Moderator because it will lower your chances of becoming one. Do you want to know how to become an Agent? Then read the agents page to find out how. If you follow the requirements, they will see it and you will become an agent.

for more information on agents and how to be one check out the agents page and faq page for some common faq

suggestions welcome

note:your not aloud to copy any text or pic or anything else from this page you must ask me and i must say yes and give credits to too



  1. monkey said

    sweet!!man!! great!!guide. this gonna help all chobots, the best!

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    Impressive stuff!


  4. vit said

    Nice tour! Seems this first one with so detailed description of Chobots world.

  5. Sparkz said

    cool thanks for the tour

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    u rock aayush
    now i am proud to have a brother (all indians are my bros and sis) like aayush

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    Wow! You’re an expert at this!
    Well done! Thanks for the tips!
    This will really help! Thanks!


  11. Pokegirl150 said

    I’m not new to Chobots, but thanks for the tips on how to become an Agent. It will really help, thanks!

  12. Mightythunder89 said

    Hey change it already Chobots has change now

  13. Awesome blog might want to update it though

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