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Cool new games!

Hiyaaa, ther’s cool update but only for citizen,srry non 😦 Ther’s a game calld chothrow in the park. It’s for 2 ppl. Cool huh?


Another awsome updates citizen candies..hehe feel hungry, I suggest you try the purple ones 😉 Au revoir candy

It’s easier to spot a MOD tis way rght? u dun have to click to find someone ..hehe btw ayush just took his time away frm comp, he’ll beb bck 🙂town

aayush:paris you forgot something

other updates:

you can disable the names system by going to menu

furniture is now for non citizens woooooooohooooo(this update is related to my quiting)

and at last if u purchase citizenship(expand it or buy it) in may(this month)

you get a free mummy suit!!



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Chobot Shufflers

Hiyaa chobots, the shufflers are back with cool moves 🙂 Canab was making cool effects while we were shuffling.Thks canab

Vids by Josip52.Enjoy !

Have a you tube acc? Rate it 😉

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Cool Arts By Basia!

Bonjour chobots, Basia an artist look 😉

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Happy Bday Vayerman!

Bonjour chobots! It was the Best Partay ever.. If u miss it here’s somethin for ya.. Enjoy 😉

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{$}Chobot{$} The Mod Magic

Bonjour thers a cool magic done by the awesome mod

 {$}Chobot{$}..Go Go Go shoot the nichos they are everywher… heres a sweet pic for ya.. Enjoy 🙂

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Nichos Quest

Hiyaa chobots ,It’s me Paris006.  Here’s a sweet pic for ya on how to beat the Nichos Mission. Enjoy 🙂

Eat yr ghost candy to pass through the Nichos laser eyes ,collect bugs hidden among the stones


Dash through the bridge with yr speed candy 😉


You need a buddy to pull the rope.Ta daa mission accomplished.


Oppsie I forgot, you need to be a citizen to do this and a light bulb cuz it’s dark and scary..hehe

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