some other cool sites

guys i will be posting some cool sites here(from some other bloggers)

how to get on this blogroll:-

you have to first put us on ur blogrol then comment ur site name and your chobots name in this page(if i see that u havent put us in blogrol yet and commented the blog ur blog will never be able to be here)

to get on top:-the more top the name of chobotstimes is in your blog and the number of people who visit your site(your hits) mixuture of them wil decide who will be up here


cool sites:

the list is under some updating we will show the list of the cool sites from wednesday again


some other cool games

molehill empire-like gardening or like to grow plants.grow plants and become rich in this mmorpg game(browser based)(click the mole to go to the game)



  1. ip0d said

    wat abt planet cazmo

  2. ganzy2 said

    ur on the blogroll

  3. go! said

    its go! sorry i left in chobots cuz you where bugging me lol

  4. Ryan246 said

    ur on my blog roll


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