mask parties

guess what guys

hikikomori and moonkee and holding a mask party(u have to wear a mask)

————–mask party 1——————–

time:13 cho time

where:pet shop

—————-mask party 2——————

22 cho time

where:pet shop


ps:7 day citizenship to guy who make best video of it

pps:many chobots dont hav masks so its a golden chance for ppl wanna be agents to help em out


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chess contest

guys chess contest have started do you have what it takes?

chess competition

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auto updatig chistochob widget

hey guys i think a lotta website owners wished for something like it

so imade a chistochob tracker it will autoupdate on yourr site

its code<img src=></img>


black version

black version code

<img src=””></img&gt;

note:pls try it on ur blogs its still in beta so it migth be size too big for some blogs pls tell me ur blog name and in version 2 of it will be according to the size of all the blogs

once its test is successfull we will release chopix and choproff trackers too

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some glitches

gltich 1:

play chistochob quest wihtout the chisto suit?

glitch 1

glitch 2:

shift chopix or chistochob to any server(just fior you but)


go to the server chopix or chistochob are on and accept their quest now go to any server and the garbage/nichos and chopix/chistochob is there

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chistochob is back

hurry guys chistochob is back on milky way yehey

yup thats the evil chistochob that dared to go away from chobots while nicho garbage was still here

lets help him clear em down

ps:chisto means clean in ukrainian so his cleanchob lol

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Chobot Shufflers

Hiyaa chobots, the shufflers are back with cool moves 🙂 Canab was making cool effects while we were shuffling.Thks canab

Vids by Josip52.Enjoy !

Have a you tube acc? Rate it 😉

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hey guys there is one another mega competition

this time its a commenting contest

prise:1500 tokens/tickets(omg thats a super a lot you can have numerous carrots with em or or i cant even imagine how many clothes)

the catalog will be out afetr some days then u can choose what you wanna buy from the tokens

now to the point again the contest will end on 20/5/09

what u have to post as comment:comments dont have to make any sense post anything the most comments win


get commenting may the most comments win.start comemnting liek mad from now on guys or you may not get in top later

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