chobots tips and help

how can i earn bugs fast?
ans:the fastest way to earn bugs is to do the chopix quest it gives 50 bugs on every robot catch and 1000 bugs every time mission is completed


chopix’s current status:in chobots

server:chocolate server


chopix quest questions and tips:

where to find chopix

ans:chopix is always at park but hes online at only 1 server at once.above we made a status box which will show either chopix is currently in chobots or not and if he is then which server hes on

i done the chopix to do it again?

ans:just relogin and do the quest again

the robots are faster than me what should i do

ans:you need either speed candy or rocket shoes to catch the robots as rocket shoes are fast enough to catch those but rocket shoes are expensive and they take switching about 3 rooms to catch every robot .so i suggest use speed candy

why am i walking slow(its not of this category but it happens the most here)

ans:your walking slow because you must have put on non citizen rocket shoes and eaten speed candy at once which will cause you super slow speed as soon as you exit the room

why cant i see the robots

ans:robots are hard to spot(not too hard) but make sure you have ur special googles on(which chopix gave you) and if you still cant spot the robots then go back to chopix and click him.maybe you havent accepted the quest yet

ps:if you got any other question about the chopix quest dont hesitate to ask


also if chopix is not in chobots then he best way to earn money is to play garbage collector you get 50 bugs for winning and you get 1 bug every garbage you shoot.the games over usually when 30 garbage is shot from 1 side.garbage colector can be played by upto 6 people(3 people on each side).

garage collector dont have basic questions but if u have any question ask away in a comment.


where are there 3 chat bubble colors?

ans:the white chat bubble for non citizen

green for citizens

and pink for moderators


what is usually the limit i can call myself rich at

ans:in my thinking its near 25000 bugs


what is the support email for chobots?

ans:it is


got anymore questions in your mind?

dont hesitate to go to the questions page and ask away all the questions in your mind we and other chobots will be more than happy to help you



  1. nathan(ccdog) said

    HE IS IN CHOCOLATE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LIKE CHOCOLATE!

  2. baileyian1 said

    can u see the robots

  3. ebtama said

    hey! i have to admit aayush you have to b 1 of the best chobots!! But last time you added me Ebtama and then in 2 minutes you deleted me? i am the type of chobot who likes to talk to my friends but i dont think you r like me in that way or r u?? plz next time dont delete me unless im rude! thnx ebtama

    aayush:it must have been a can tell me and i will add you again


  4. Crystal said

    I really wanna get a Chobots account but i’m homeschooled by ECOT and theres sertain things they won’t let u do like get a chobos account or get on youtube or get on yahoo and that stuff wenever i try it goes to the page Access Denied I HATE IT but I LOVE ECOT Homeschooling!!!and i’m grounded from the home computer until the begining of summer!!!Well wen i get it back i’ll register and my user will probably be crystalmae101

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