chobots moderator series

heres the waysarbi’s moderator series

note:the series is copyrighted and you must get permission from aayush or waysarbi before copying it.also u need to mention in the post or page the line”this moderator series belongs to waysarbi whos site is”

note:copying it from any other site is not aloud either as all sites are putting it on them from permission and its property of waysarbi and chobotstimes











  1. gogter said


  2. Hugz4Life said

    that looks freaking awesome!!!!!

  3. FlubbyBlubby said

    Dude how do i get pics onto my WORKING PROGRESS website

  4. stoonie said

    that’s cute man

  5. Anonymous said

    Good man its coooooooool

  6. bobilly said

    are thise all the mods i no 1 more called GO!

    • aayush said

      well this series is a old one many new mods joined recently

      but go! is called god in this series as his name was god earlier now he named himself go!

  7. iceguy33 said

    can you mod give me a carrot or clothes any1 of 8 mod

  8. iceguy33 said

    can any mod 8 of this can you give me a carrots or clothes

    • aayush said

      all can but dont ask them for 1

  9. Cotunbol said

    nicex… slash was a mod at that time.. guess no one drew him

    • aayush said

      slash was appointed after the series was made

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