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Cool new games!

Hiyaaa, ther’s cool update but only for citizen,srry non 😦 Ther’s a game calld chothrow in the park. It’s for 2 ppl. Cool huh?


Another awsome updates citizen candies..hehe feel hungry, I suggest you try the purple ones 😉 Au revoir candy

It’s easier to spot a MOD tis way rght? u dun have to click to find someone ..hehe btw ayush just took his time away frm comp, he’ll beb bck 🙂town

aayush:paris you forgot something

other updates:

you can disable the names system by going to menu

furniture is now for non citizens woooooooohooooo(this update is related to my quiting)

and at last if u purchase citizenship(expand it or buy it) in may(this month)

you get a free mummy suit!!



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Happy Bday Vayerman!

Bonjour chobots! It was the Best Partay ever.. If u miss it here’s somethin for ya.. Enjoy 😉

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Underground Magic by Canab

Raining Carrots? Check the latest magic by the mod Canab Raning ballons and stars… Partay everyone..weeeee 🙂
Tis is soo awsome I met 2 mod doin Magic in 1 day Canab and {$}Chobot{$}

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{$}Chobot{$} The Mod Magic

Bonjour thers a cool magic done by the awesome mod

 {$}Chobot{$}..Go Go Go shoot the nichos they are everywher… heres a sweet pic for ya.. Enjoy 🙂

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Nichos Quest

Hiyaa chobots ,It’s me Paris006.  Here’s a sweet pic for ya on how to beat the Nichos Mission. Enjoy 🙂

Eat yr ghost candy to pass through the Nichos laser eyes ,collect bugs hidden among the stones


Dash through the bridge with yr speed candy 😉


You need a buddy to pull the rope.Ta daa mission accomplished.


Oppsie I forgot, you need to be a citizen to do this and a light bulb cuz it’s dark and scary..hehe

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secret:garbage cleaner

All Chobots help cleaning garbage near Blue planet. To make it fun, this can be done by two teams of up to 3 people each. The team which does it better wins. Winners will receive 50 bugs!
The key secret of this mission is the first yellow gun. Basically, it cannot hit any garbage. But if you hit a yellow supernova, you can hit all of the garbage for approximately 10 seconds!
Sometimes, smart using of this gun is the key to your victory!

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