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Cool new games!

Hiyaaa, ther’s cool update but only for citizen,srry non 😦 Ther’s a game calld chothrow in the park. It’s for 2 ppl. Cool huh?


Another awsome updates citizen candies..hehe feel hungry, I suggest you try the purple ones 😉 Au revoir candy

It’s easier to spot a MOD tis way rght? u dun have to click to find someone ..hehe btw ayush just took his time away frm comp, he’ll beb bck 🙂town

aayush:paris you forgot something

other updates:

you can disable the names system by going to menu

furniture is now for non citizens woooooooohooooo(this update is related to my quiting)

and at last if u purchase citizenship(expand it or buy it) in may(this month)

you get a free mummy suit!!



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Chobot Shufflers

Hiyaa chobots, the shufflers are back with cool moves 🙂 Canab was making cool effects while we were shuffling.Thks canab

Vids by Josip52.Enjoy !

Have a you tube acc? Rate it 😉

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Cool Arts By Basia!

Bonjour chobots, Basia an artist look 😉

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Happy Bday Vayerman!

Bonjour chobots! It was the Best Partay ever.. If u miss it here’s somethin for ya.. Enjoy 😉

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Underground Magic by Canab

Raining Carrots? Check the latest magic by the mod Canab Raning ballons and stars… Partay everyone..weeeee 🙂
Tis is soo awsome I met 2 mod doin Magic in 1 day Canab and {$}Chobot{$}

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{$}Chobot{$} The Mod Magic

Bonjour thers a cool magic done by the awesome mod

 {$}Chobot{$}..Go Go Go shoot the nichos they are everywher… heres a sweet pic for ya.. Enjoy 🙂

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Q: What agents do?
A: Agents always help. They help new Chobots to explore Chobots World. They help moderators to find and ban Nichos who use bad words or cheat. They help to develop Chobots world and spread news about it in their blogs and invite their friends.
Q: What preferences agents have?
A: Basically, agents do not have additional preferences. It is a voluntary work. But they are the most trustful Chobots and they have own badge. Also, they can draw the wall, since we know they will create only great art. Have a look what one of our agents created!
Q: How to become an agent?
A: First, you should learn the rules and secrets of Chobots world. Be patient, because it takes time. Usually it takes a month to become an agent. But for most active Chobots it can be done in a couple of weeks! Secondly, become a friend of one of our agents and help them, so they recommend you. Also, you need to do something cool like inviting your friends or a short real about Chobots. And finally, you should ask a moderator to make you an agent. And of course, you should look nice, lol! 🙂
Note: Please ask your parents before making any of these activities.

Q: Who is Chobot?
A: You don’t know Chobot? LOL! He is our first and still the greatest agent so far. He’s in Chobots since 11th of October and we should thank to him for making our Chobots world better!

i made a page on agents too but that currently contains the same info as here

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