First, you should learn the rules and secrets of Chobots world. Be patient, because it takes time. Usually it takes a month to become an agent. But for most active Chobots it can be done in a couple of weeks! Secondly, become a friend of one of our agents and help them, so they recommend you. Also, you need to do something cool like inviting your friends or making a blog or a short real about Chobots. And finally, you should ask a moderator to make you an agent. And of course, you should look nice, lol! 🙂

agents guide

1. Explain to new Chobots how they can chat, dance, play games and missions, buy/remove clothing and artifacts, make presents, invite friends to their home, etc.
2. Let other Chobots know about their new homes at in Blogs, Wiki’s, YouTube, etc
3. Invite your Friends
4. Some Chobots were damaged by evil Nichos and they break the rules of our cities, so you need to report them.
5. If Agents break the rules, it is really sad. You will be banned forever.



  1. Gurpreet said

    can i become a blog member?

  2. Ryan said

    I Have A Question about Agent
    How do you become a Agent ?

    • chobottimes said

      man read and understand that clearly its all about it

  3. Ryan said

    You can go to the Website

  4. Akhil Dilip said

    Please can anyone help me, i invited lots and lots of people in chobots and i dunno y they(moderators) don make me an agent……
    please help me guys

  5. Akhil Dilip said

    can i become a blog member 2
    gurpreet do u know simrat:)

  6. saiyan said

    hey aayush
    i dunno how to post

  7. waysarbi help
    i am the guy who asked u 2 help me for lifting my ban from the full chat service
    pls help

  8. akhilofindia said

    help me aayush i cant talk

    • chobottimes said

      ask a mod we cant do anything

    • Anonymous said

      yesd you can

  9. Doraemon said

    Hello everyone!

  10. welcome to chobots,
    you can play loads of games here! and you have private talk and if you give each other passwords you get kicked off so DONT DO IT!but…..theres still loads of fun around you this website is a virtal word like,club penguin

  11. Ryan12345 said

    Cool I will try to become to be a Agent Awesome !

  12. mightythunder89 said

    Cool!! Me too I am always touring new Chobots!! I am not an agent I am now 30+

  13. gvggd said

    so u have to work harder and i AM OVER 80 AND NOT AGENT SO DONT COMPLAIN

  14. Mightythunder89 said

    Ok I will not complain even I am 100+ now
    I will do everything to be an agent what ever happends

  15. ZCHAD said

    iv been on chobot’s and everyday i help everyone even moderater’s and agent’s so if u want and if moderater is reading this please make me an agent and if a agent is reading this please recomend me ill do eany thing i gott hacked 2 dayes ago and i dont have eany close only the one that chopix gave everyon gott. and the close that my sis gave me so please help me become a agent thank’s if your reading this

  16. stoonie (not stoon) said

    HHA!HAHHAHA! lol damged by evil nichos! hahhha!

  17. bobilly said

    im holding a poll for the most populer agent plz ttell me ur ansewr and all say the winner ere on fri

  18. FlubbyBlubby said

    Hi can i be one of ur freinds, i really want to become an agent but it looks like i have to work really hard. At the mo thats all im doin, i really want to be an agent.
    By the im starting a website, ill update u about it in a bit!

  19. FlubbyBlubby said

    If u a mod. and ur reading this i would love to be an agent but i dont want to hastle about it. I will be so so so happy if im an agent, and as i said i dont want to hastle u about it.

    P.s. if ur an agent and u reading this coment if ur a mod coment plz o plz coment!

  20. can someone plz help me i really looking for a moderator becuase i just want to ask them can i plz have a carrot bag?

    • hey soccergirl i mknow one who can help you in your little problem find tinkintin2 in chbots im really hope she could help you in bye bye now



    • chobotsaiyan said

      cherryblossom859, ur bobilly, and stoonie. we know cuz of ur IP address and picture…its..the same.

  21. I don’t know how to make a blog someone help PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  22. hi..ive been playing chbots in 1 year even now im still not an agent why cant they recomend me please..i hope it will be fun being agent also helping scammed people and also giving clothes to them..nice huh giving a meeting of something making a projet of something and even grouping for nthing nice one so till now ive been expecting who ever have read this that is a moderator or an agent please recommend me and also add me as a friend thanks bye..toodles..tee cee


  23. Skett said

    hey aayush wen bcomin an agent ive bin doin dis for 3 months but there r no effects and news about it

  24. falgo1 said

    im doing this all the time
    but im not an agent XD

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