hey guys

there are a lot of gossips around that i quited so to tell ya all i didnt quit!!

i had actualy made a blog for a game called pandanda and in the recent days i was working on it

i will be happy if u visit my pandanda blog its link is pandatimes.tk

pls follow it:D

note:i deleted all my friends by mistake u guys can just simply meet me in chobots and i will add you again.srry for removing



  1. Jaymunk said

    Hey i went on pandaanda and its pretty cool!

  2. rickyglam said

    YOU DID QUIT DON’T LIE DORAEMON GOT PROVE IN HIS BLOG and go check a comment i did you said “Wat is chobot?”

  3. Hardstyle4ever said

    So what if he did or didnt quit i quit and im de agented and do i really give, its time you guyz stop playin childish games and grow up

    • chobotsaiyan said

      yeah i grew up too . now i dnt play it

    • aayush said

      yeah a agent have to give chobots abotu 6 hours a day and its hard for anybuddy and yeah about me deagenting it was just a mistake.i will be agented again under 2 days

      also hard ur right at your own point too
      like i keep practising codings and graohics all time

      • Neon said

        Ummm, I dont think so Aayush. Your still deagented. How long can you keep THIS up.

  4. chobotsaiyan said

    i regret NOTHING!

  5. Hardstyle4ever said

    yea nice aayush sum people r on 24/7 o.O

    i practise Graphics, and computer monerting and spare time i mix some music =D

  6. Ryan246 said

    Well I just found out…
    Well It’s nice for u to come back.
    Have you heard ecobuddies?

  7. paris006 said

    wb ayush hehe šŸ™‚

  8. chobotsaiyan said

    but ur friends??

  9. Jaymunk said

    You deleted me Aayush!!!!!!!

  10. Hardstyle4ever said

    BooHoo Jaymunk u want a lollie to feel better

    • Jaymunk said

      Yes plz!I would like a lollie!

  11. saiyan said

    he deleted evry1 -.-
    no worries, find him and add him and throw away ur lollie
    ecobuddies? no idea

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