auto updatig chistochob widget

hey guys i think a lotta website owners wished for something like it

so imade a chistochob tracker it will autoupdate on yourr site

its code<img src=></img>


black version

black version code

<img src=””></img&gt;

note:pls try it on ur blogs its still in beta so it migth be size too big for some blogs pls tell me ur blog name and in version 2 of it will be according to the size of all the blogs

once its test is successfull we will release chopix and choproff trackers too



  1. ip0d said

    thnx aayush

  2. Fishalate said

    Yes!! u made it. great work aayush.


  3. Ryan246 said

    thx aayush and here is a glitch…

    Glitch: Complete the Garbage Quest thing. When you get the item. Click him again and you will recive another same item! Keep trying again and again and it will work. Hurry this Glitch might be gone soon.

    Credit Me Again and I’m RYAN246

  4. ip0d said

    its not a glitch ryan

  5. Ryan246 said

    Oh okay well u can still get lots of those free items i wish you can give it to ppl 😦

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