o no a hamster escaped in chobotstimes

guys a hamster just escaped in chobotstimes

im so worries hes deleting our pics

hes somewhere in chobotstimes find him i will give 500 tickets/tokens to the finder(omg they are equal to getting 1 or maybe 2 carrots)

ps:he can be anywhere in chobotstimes so dont mind going back some pages and exploring pages e.t.c . or old archives might be a good source too(turn some pages for sure)

that hamster is hiding somehwere find him guys!!it isnt hard its a quest

how to win:tell where the hamster is hiding via comment

note:its not the hamster on some other cool sites page



  1. kittysnow said


  2. poofrawr360 said

    he is in the some other cool sites page im poofrawr365 on chobots

    • aayush said

      nop its not that hes a moel not hamster

  3. Video said

    Is the hamster on “some other cool sites” page?

  4. goldguy55 said



  5. mario77 said

    hes on the new agents page

  6. goldguy55 said



  7. oliver1 said

    well if its not u aayush its waysarbi
    only other person in chobotstimes, right? or are there others?

    • aayush said

      paris.btw i was the one to release that naughty hamster

  8. destroyeroft said

    some other cool sites

  9. goldguy55 said

    OMG aayush is not approving my comments
    i fined the hamster but he dosent aprove the comment!

  10. goldguy55 said

    its on

  11. goldguy55 said

    its on the best choots agent page

    PS: you forgot the b

  12. goldguy55 said

    click my name for where the hamster is

  13. goldguy55 said

    click name

  14. macs1999 said

    its on the “some other cool sites” page it has a helmet on ha!

  15. ryulven said

    its on the best chobots agent page yup gold is right doh’ he’s first

  16. paris006 said

    lol Ayush y did u release d hamster? tat hamster just ate all my carotz waaa

  17. Flabbergasted said

    its on the best choots agent post! and u forgot the b LOL did i win? lemme see if anyone ells got it

  18. Flabbergasted said

    ummm not tht i can see now? so did io winz! 🙂 or 😦

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