hey guys

hey guys i think chobotstimes i getting a lil boring just news and stuff.i know you think liek that

note:the daily question is canceled questions will be asked in almost all posts now with this system 😀

so to bring fun heres what i got

its a token/tickets game system

in almost everypost there can be a question riddle anything.winning them get you different prizes(in form of tokens/tickets)

then with those tickets you can get different stuff from catalog and other stuff too(like carrots and i will try to find a way to transfer bugs to ur account directly)

the catalog of tickets will come out soon im working on it

so guys have a chill pill chobotstimes will be filled with competitions all time.yay big prizes


btw  anybuddy know who was the first ever person to draw on the chobots wall?(animals look cool on the wall)

1st correct answer gets 10 tokens/tickets

so get guessing



  1. Clear said


    • Mightythunder89 said

      It’s Basia

  2. ryulven said


  3. ip0d said


  4. elise__23 said


  5. elise__23 said


  6. mario77 said


  7. boy said


  8. iammimo7 said


  9. Ryan246 said

    I think Basia

  10. macs1999 said

    i thu=ink vayerman

  11. macs1999 said

    im macs2000

  12. macs99 said

    im macs2000

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