new updates

hey guys some new updates are here

to kick things off the new agent chat bubble is here(which is darker)


now there are 2 sweet abttles one at park and one at rope street(the upcoming maps will be at park one)park-sweet-battle1

as you can see its the upside down nicho map

now to proceed instruments are out too


heres the catalog.its for non citizens too however only 1 instrument (


heres how to play them(only citizens can play them)


heres how i look liek with the drum

aayush-with-drumnow at last theres a friend of chopix who gives you the quest for searching 10 litter put all over chobots by nichos(even in building e.t.c)he appears time by time at the garbage collector place
he even give you a special suit to pick up the garbage(dont forgot that once you press ok talk to him and accept the quest)
how litter look like:litter looks like thisnote:these are only 3 examples there are more shapes of litter

the prize:

thats all cya


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  1. Mightythunder89 said

    And on the new quest when you picked a garbage you will have 20 bugs

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