drawing competition results

here are the results of the drawing competition

i must say all of you worked pretty hard it took me over 1 day to choose(the results were supposed to come our yesterday)

out of the 15 entries the winning entry is


sadly not a single entry for hand drawing

iby101 you may find me in chobots and i will give u ur prize.or if u cant meet me then comment if u know paris or saiyan named chobots they can give you it



  1. animeangel said

    ALL SEE!

  2. rickyglam said

    yeah he did or her look at that you can never do that in paint that person must use a special program so he is not the winner

  3. What do you mean by special programs?!?! There is no special program that automatically draws it for you! I been working with graphics for about a two years in Middle school classes. And not everything was perfect. I only used the line tools and brushes to draw it. Than i used the color picker tool to get the same exact color.Also as you can see it some parts it still is a bit pixeled it some areas.

  4. Clear said

    Its a Special Program!

    its like a photoshop or photoimpact or what!

    The aayush was selected the editied with an effect like sketch, pencil, ink, painting or blahblah

    Then the background! Edited too!Special Program -.-

  5. chobotsaiyan said

    i know iby
    im in academy all the time
    but… i have her prize?

  6. chobotsaiyan said

    how will i give her prize if i dnt have it?

    • aayush said

      i will gift you the prize

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