daily question

same rules and conditions apply the first one to answer correctly wins


yesterday’s question was “which rocket boots did vayerman show to people”


as you can see again no1 answered correct so i will make the question a little easier this time


today’s question

who made the raining magic?

(dont know the naswer?nothing goes in guessing)



  1. Mightythunder89 said

    It’s Canab

  2. Dany360 said

    Im saying go!

  3. chobotsaiyan said


  4. Canab has made the raining magic.

  5. Waluigi said

    Mezk and Smurfet.

  6. rickyglam said

    go! and canab

  7. mario77 said

    all the mods

  8. feifei said

    go! and canab

  9. winndixies said

    By the way, its me winndixies who posted go! and canab… LOL feifei. I dont even know who put that name in there

  10. canab said

    its me and go!

  11. rickyglam said

    looks like i won since i post go! and canab first

  12. nathaniel9909 said

    Of course it’s Canab and Go!.Go! and Canab are the only ones that can DO magic

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