how to float

hey guys found another glitch
guys see i can float
wanna know how to float?
i will tell you

first go to any farm mission
then pick up a scytheafter you get the scythe your now floating
isnt it amazing

glitch founded by=aayush



  1. axelninja said

    Yo Aayush im Axel remember me ? I added u to my blogroll

  2. Mightythunder89 said

    Wow that’s a nice glitch!I tried it and it worked!Thanks

  3. stoonie said

    theres a better glitch
    1. go home
    2. take ur rocket boots off
    3. walk around
    glitch found by stoonie

  4. Ryan246 said

    Actullay There is another Glitch From that. But Stoonie told u that

    • aayush said

      huh?that glitch was posted on smurfet blog about a month ago

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