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this is a new feature.weekly we will be writing about 1 thing related to chobots it can be anything from tips to stratergie e.t.c


this week’s topic

sweet battle

1sweet battle is a fun chobots game which can be played in the rope street it can be played by upto 3 people at once


i sweet battle people battle each other with sweet substances/the mission is to drag opponents heatth points to 0


how to play sweet battle:-

in sweet battle there are 9 weapons

let us read about them and the run button too


fastusing this you can run in sweet battle

it can help u in dodging some big attacks like the salt


candythere are 5 candies available to you in every sweet battle game and every candy that hits successfully damages 10 hp(health points)

this is usefull if you attack by standing close to your enemy


starthe star weapon is really useful while attacking from far.u have unlimited star weapons.everytime you use the star weapon it throws 3 star each star which successfully hits the enemy damages 4 healthpoints

the star weapon is also useful when u run out of weapons


u get 3 pieces of cake evry round.each cake that hits the enemy fully damages 20 hp directly.and if it touches the ground then it explodes and throws nuts.every nut that hits the enemy damages 2 hp.


bubblethe bubble gun throws 10 bubbles each bubble that successfully hits the enemy damages 20 get 3 bubble guns when u start a sweet abttle match,the bubble gun is useful when the enemy is paralyzed or caught by a trap bubble.however if there is open space then the bubble gun is profitable for the enemy as as soon as you start releasing bubbles oyu cant move or do other attack as 1 attack at once taking advantage of that the enemy can easily damage a lot of hp from you


wheelyou get 3 wheels when u start a sweet battle match,te wheel damages 10 hp every time it hits the enemy,beware the wheel keeps coming is useful when its open space and enemy cant dodge it but u can.

(i  made a mistake and colored the bubble gun instead but the wheel is the weapon right to the bubble gun)

trap bubble:

trap-bubbleyou get 2 trap bubbles once you start a sweet battle match,the trap bubble can trap your enemy and stop him from moving or attacking from sometime.



u get 5 bubble gums when u start a sweet battle match,its like a mine and damages 10 hp from the one who passes over aware from it


saltsalt pepper is the ost damaging weapon of sweet shows its full effect when in a can maximumly damage over 50 hp at once.


popcornyou get 2 popcorns when u start a sweet battle game,the popcorn when bounces in the sky it comes down to land by parashute and when it lands it explodes it throws 4 popcorns to the left and 4 to right.when each popcorn hits it damages 5 hp.


have any questions or comments?

pls comment that away you will be answered in less than 12 hours



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    check it out

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    sorry wrong one

  4. rickyglam said

    sorry that ones wrong you see that 42 add a “i” so it would be “i42.tinypic”

    • Asmile said

      Bye Forever Guys.. Not going to see you again on chobots.. Bye.

  5. Jgirlx4x said

    I just wanted to post a comment here because i want to tell you guys seeing this comment..

    Bye forever chobots 😦
    Bye forever..

  6. Mightythunder89 said

    Wow Aayush that’s pretty good article!

  7. Ryan246 said

    That’s Good but you can have more then 3 Ppl in a Battle. You can have more then 3 Ppl in a Battle! Last Time I had 4 Ppl in a Battle.
    I wished I had a picture to show u. If it ever happens again i will leave a comment of the photo!

    • aayush said

      ryan we are aware of it but it is just a glitch ad will be fixed real soon

  8. rickyglam said

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