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chobotstimes v2.0 out

heys guys chobotstimes v2.0 is finally out

the site is

start following

there is a prize for a lucky follower too


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chobotstimes to be shifted

chobotstimes to be shifted

heya guys there is a grand news for ya all

soon chobotstimes is going to shift to i have prepared our whole template! and just in some days there will be a grand release!

what will chobotstimes v 2.0 have?

ans:loads faster

may turn in

works with more scripts and mainly a lotaa contests and we will try to have videos an stuff for every party

chobots swfs

link to chobots secret site!

and many more

also:i am working on a chobots help blog which will make widgets and codes and templates e.t.c available to chobots bloggers all chobots bloggers will be profited a lot from this release plus there will be tips to how to make ur blog famous e.t.c

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aayush real life stuff out :D

hey guys finally aayush real life stuff out 😀

aayush caps

more stuff coming soon

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hey guys

there are a lot of gossips around that i quited so to tell ya all i didnt quit!!

i had actualy made a blog for a game called pandanda and in the recent days i was working on it

i will be happy if u visit my pandanda blog its link is

pls follow it:D

note:i deleted all my friends by mistake u guys can just simply meet me in chobots and i will add you again.srry for removing

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Cool new games!

Hiyaaa, ther’s cool update but only for citizen,srry non 😦 Ther’s a game calld chothrow in the park. It’s for 2 ppl. Cool huh?


Another awsome updates citizen candies..hehe feel hungry, I suggest you try the purple ones 😉 Au revoir candy

It’s easier to spot a MOD tis way rght? u dun have to click to find someone ..hehe btw ayush just took his time away frm comp, he’ll beb bck 🙂town

aayush:paris you forgot something

other updates:

you can disable the names system by going to menu

furniture is now for non citizens woooooooohooooo(this update is related to my quiting)

and at last if u purchase citizenship(expand it or buy it) in may(this month)

you get a free mummy suit!!


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chobotstimes version 2.0

heya guys just to tell ya chobotstimes version 2.0 will be out soon

plus it will be on blogger instead

also it will be highteach+classical at the same time plus 10x better than chobotstimes version 1.0(current version)

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pet competiton

hey guys there another competition by our deary mods

you have to have the best pet in the crowd

When? 17th of May, Sunday. 20:00 (Cho-time)
Where? Live Star.

btw did anyone think how pets at pet shop feel?well i was passing by and seen this.omg that pet have a blue chat bubble?d you think hes a agent pet?


i feel sorry for that you think that pet constructor is a little baddie to pets?

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