drawing competition

guys see saiyan did thing for me its pure hard work

and by this i thought of a competition a drawing competition

what u have 2 do

there will be 2 comps

in one you have to draw any aayush related stuff but in real life drawing

in the other you have to draw aayush related stuff using computer

prizes-drawing-contestthose 8 prizes will be given euqally(chlos top will be given to the better one from hand drawing and computer drawing)

ps:if you do a super good one then you wil get a carrot too



no using chobots graffti

no using special sites or softwares that can do this automatically


get drawing may the best drawing win

how to submit the picture?

ans:first upload it on tinypic.com then comment its link



  1. chobotsaiyan said

    btw i used a diffrent paint cuz paint isnt good..

    • chobotsaiyan said

      i only used lines in my drawin.
      dats why there are so many white dots

  2. czigzag1994 said

    Aayush can u check out my site plz!
    I have this clothing design and i want chobots to use it! So ya plz do me that favor Plz!

    p.s. Your on my blogroll!

  3. czigzag1994 said

    My site is http://www.chobotsfordummies.wordpress.com
    plz visit!

  4. Can i change ur outfit in to one of my customs?


    • aayush said

      yes it have o be aayush related anything it can be

  5. rickyglam said

    im join and im doing it in the comp cause i cant talk pictures with a camara my parents dont let me so im doing it in the comp k?

  6. Asmile said

    I am soo not good at drawing on the computer!

  7. Clear said

    Thats my submition. I used paint, and drew your look based on your biocard.
    (i only used airbrush aND FILL)


  8. animeangel said


    i draw nicho too:D

  9. Cotunbol said

    i like clear and anime angel’s one but i got to say is anime ange;.. aayush’s head is so circle.. and clear aayush’s color is now brown.. his color is red… btw nice nicho

  10. rickyglam said

    check it out

  11. rickyglam said

    thats the wrong link and i cant put in the link cause it wont let me!!!!!

  12. Okay i commented earlier but i don’t know if it would show because i didn’t log in. Anyways i’m iby101 a.k.a Your biggest fan on chobots.


    And as i said before, Good luck to everyone and i hope you tried your best.

  13. Cotunbol said

    iby101! u used SPECIAL PROGRAMMES to do that…

  14. rickyglam said


  15. rickyglam said

    that is with paint-_-

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