aayush quickee party

aayush had a quickee party at milky way house shop(accurate 10 min party)

we got a lot of ppl(it was the time when least chobots are online and depending on that it was super lot)
we had 3 full bars with our ppl lately

heres a picture of when i came to the party and it wasnt about 1 full min of its startingi know not a lot but when a lot of ppl started showing up i was not able to take pics because i didn’t knew how many times i crashed.lol šŸ˜›

lately a mod showed up a did some cool magic
then after he gone and party was still rockingĀ  i had a dance contest and the winner was

the party was so much fun
ps:i am gonna have another tomorrow but with a lot more ppl(and a secret crashing solution)
so keep updated
comment what u think
we love to hear from you



  1. chobotsaiyan said

    try it! xD

  2. chobotjaansiva said

    I know the crashing solution use opera.

  3. chobotjaansiva said

    Saiyan do you Crisis Core Final fantasy VII

  4. Mightythunder89 said

    Hey is the chlos! cloth is available on the catalogs??

  5. stoonie said

    lol hahaha i ws the on at the exit sign just enterin loook at meeeee.. XD ood thing i catched up

  6. Darkcartman said

    lol there were no mods

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