Nichos Quest

Hiyaa chobots ,It’s me Paris006.  Here’s a sweet pic for ya on how to beat the Nichos Mission. Enjoy 🙂

Eat yr ghost candy to pass through the Nichos laser eyes ,collect bugs hidden among the stones


Dash through the bridge with yr speed candy 😉


You need a buddy to pull the rope.Ta daa mission accomplished.


Oppsie I forgot, you need to be a citizen to do this and a light bulb cuz it’s dark and scary..hehe



  1. Fishalate said

    New author? maybe you should of done a interduction post telling us about you.


    • aayush said

      man i will do the introduction when the 2 authors will be selected right now only one is

  2. how ignoring this mission is they always want the citizen only can play it

  3. gmailchatter said

    I’m so upset!!!! I WANT TO DO NICHO’S KING DOM!!!!! bUT im not a citizen. 😦 and also, wow thats it?

  4. igirl98 said

    congratulations paris..

  5. Fishalate said

    aayush I was talking to her… nevermind if you are going to do a interduction post it does not matter.

  6. bobilly said

    Good look paris i ope i get the other spot as the new aurother

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