mimo suit

hey guys today i met my friend mimo again and he told me that some new mimo suits are out

but you have to make a new account and activate it to get the mimo suit

mo pics.its a surprise



  1. ip0d said

    can u post it????on how to get the suit??i made a new account and activated it but i didnt get it!!

  2. Jeff said

    You write mimo on “i’m invited by”

  3. chobotsaiyan said


    -u have to activate it in a diffrent site – not chobots. Clue: Mimo Site

  4. can you tell me of how can i get the mimo sutie and the orange thing on the the neck i really loved those but i cant have it!!
    you know why??i dont know how to get it!!so please reply..thanks..


    aayush:the mimo suit is a special suit go to clubpenguingang.com and click on the link mimo says now signup with a new account on that site and the refferer must be mimo now the mimo suit is yours(in the new account)

  5. Neon said

    A suggestion: Change you theme. When I opened this page it seemed so colorless. It made me want to read it really slow 😛

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