new authors needed

hey guys im happy to announce that i will be appointing 2 more authors to this blog

how to enter-you must mail me your chobots name chobots site(if u have any)


e.t.c give a good info about you and more chances of being choosen it is(that doesnt mean how big it is the more chances lol) short and simple

start sending mail winners i will announce soon



  1. bobilly said


  2. Fishalate said

    Great I have sent an email :))
    1st comment :))


  3. Jaymunk said


  4. kokonono said

    can i be one

  5. oliver1 said

    aayush is the mail 100% right?
    is it

  6. oliver1 said

    is that mail 100% right?

  7. Mightythunder89 said

    Hey where are the updates

  8. chobotsaiyan said

    aayush 4got that there is already mimo city and vanilla
    check it out!

  9. bobilly said

    op i get it

  10. Porsche said

    I would LOVE to join!
    I already have 2 blogs so I have experience. I also know a music site so I will be able to put that on the blog as well! šŸ˜€


  11. chobotsaiyan said

    if im an author here, il work the “thing” double time, everyday!

  12. Untitled said

    sent email šŸ˜€

  13. ace said

    can i

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