bad news about nicho kingdom

i am so sorry non citizens if u get a shock after reading this

but in the nicho kingdom u need citizen magic and mainly citizen items(like the lamb)

i dont want to reveal it all but on the first level when its dark then only the person with bulb(lamb) on his head can pass the level and one’s bulb dont show the other light

so the citizens can only pass it from the level 1 itself



  1. cotunbol said

    phew.. im a citizen

  2. Actually if ur in a team
    My freind told me that two people from the tean need a lamp and for citizen magic i got a lot.

    aayush:there were 2 citizen with lamp in my team.also the highest were about 6-10 people were there once including mods(vayer and smurf)

  3. gmailchatter said

    what lamb?

  4. chobotsaiyan said

    p.s. *lamp
    i can handle that
    i can become citizen for 3 days. no problem!

  5. Gonzales said

    Hey aayush thats only in test but in real chobots u need to buy lamp in non-citizen its up to citizen if they buy lamp or bulb in buld the light will be big than lamp

    aayush:i think the lamp and bulb are same and i dont see any other lamp in catalogs

  6. cprockymx1 said

    oh good im a citizen for 6 months

  7. iqhnjkfh said

    can i use citizen candy to glow?

    aayush:no you need bulb only(i tried all citizen and non citizen candys)

  8. cotunbol said

    yes u must use ghost one to glow for non citizen i think

    aayush:i tried that dont work

  9. Mightythunder89 said

    Oh Men!I cannot pass the first level.

  10. Ryan6124 said

    Umm… I already knew that. Also Mighythunder, Your Friends Can Come too, If You Have a Team

  11. Mightythunder89 said

    Oh thanks for the tip Ryan6124

  12. chobotsaiyan said

    its already out??

  13. Presidentcho1 said

    The Citizen Chobot could invite them to Level 2.

  14. bobilly said

    OMG only a cizen 4 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Atena said

    i can become citizen for 3 days now that I’m 100 so no problem for me

  16. aww 😦

  17. i’m not a citzen

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