how to fly in sweet battle

hey guys another glitch(ua ll seen it but i think a very less about of ppl know how to do it)

s1what you have to do:(works in this map only)(you have to run)

first click on the higest peek(rightt one)

then your chobot will start going in left instead(you must click on the top and middle of the peek)

now if hes going right then you didnt did it correctly and if hes going in left then u did it.



i made a video on how to do it


have any comments or thought

comment away we love to hear from you




  1. oliver1 said

    thats me πŸ™‚

  2. Mightythunder89 said

    Hey oliver1 what are you saying that’s me πŸ™‚ where are you???

  3. bobilly said

    gess they cant do any thing that aint comlacated:thax guys no effence just very…very…very………….very long

  4. Jaansiva said

    I knew it before

  5. Jaymunk said

    i knew it and i showed it to him!
    And he showed me how to teleport!

  6. cotunbol said

    i knew these 2 glitches.. but still u guys didnt know how to control other players stuff

  7. bobilly said

    how man plz tell

  8. chobotsaiyan said

    xD i did at to aayush once and he got angry lol

    • chobotsaiyan said

      da fly thing

    • aayush said

      forget the past and look in the bright future lol

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