aayush play against aayush and how to teleport

hey guys i found a cool glitch have a look at it

p1now how to teleport:

first go to any game(it works on sliders and chess only)(sliders is easy to do)

then click on the seat

and as soon as loading end before the board appear move anywhere(the board will not stay)(it takes a few trys)

then click at the x on the top

now u teleported back to the game place

ps:open more than 1 window then press all their x and u can teleport between different places

pps:the window dont close when u click x so you can do it again

ppps:you need to win or lose in the match or relogin to close the window

edit:just change server then click x

news:canab says hes gonna fix it in next update


i made video on how to do it(teleporting)


any questions or tips?

ask away

we love to hear from you



  1. oliver1 said

    thats me behind you on the top šŸ™‚

  2. oliver1 said

    thats me under you on the top šŸ™‚

  3. Mightythunder89 said

    Wow nice!

  4. ip0d said

    actually is p.s.s. not p.p.s.


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