daily question

ok guys the new daily question is here

same rules apply the first one to answer correctly win


today’s question

which company owns chobots


yesterday’s correct answer was flaming rocket shoes

the first one to answer correctly was mightythunder89

congrats mightthunder89 you may tell me what u want(any clothing(non citizen)(not rocket shoes) of your choice and color)




  1. chobotsaiyan said

    vayersoft :l

    • Gonzales said


  2. chobotsaiyan said

    uh yeah

  3. Jaymunk said


  4. babycuty said

    vayer soft

  5. Mightythunder89 said


  6. Mightythunder89 said

    I want a an Angel Suit color black thank you

  7. Erpy said


  8. Mightythunder89 said

    I am at academy street live star I always go there

  9. Mightythunder89 said

    Ummmmmmmm how can you give me the Black Angel suit??

  10. stoonie (not stoon) said

    Chobots tm vayersoft LLC 2007-2009 lolz haha

  11. stoonie(not stoon) said

    if i won. im always at live star in the cow mission the cow mission in the middle

  12. stoonie (not stoon) said

    ummm.. ps im not in livestar … ill be in chocolate. i will allways hang out in the mission agency in the farm. only if i win… my answer is Chobots tm vayersoft LLC 2007-2009 k? its me stoonie (not stoon)

  13. stoonie (not stoon) said

    i will check out thisd question all the time…. got that? ill be waitingg

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