daily question

hey guys new daily question is here

same rules and conditions apply the first one to answer correctly wins


today’s question is

from the 4 special items which item did canab and go! test against public


also yesterday’s correct answer was

canab and the first one to answer correctly was elise_23




  1. Mightythunder89 said

    The flaming shoes(I can’t explain it)I think the flame that’s on the feet

  2. chobotsaiyan said


  3. lad26 said

    flaming angel wings

  4. Fishalate said

    The flame shoes, even I tested them…and the carrot and flame wings and 2 new suits… But anyway my answer is FLAME SHOES!


  5. chobotsaiyan said

    dosent matter if i win anyway lol:p
    i jus lyk carrot :l

  6. elise__23 said

    angel wings(flAMING) and rocket shoes(flaming)

  7. gvggd said

    carrot?flame wings?new suits?

  8. Mightythunder89 said

    Haha Fishalate I am first who say the flaming shoes!!

  9. Fishalate said

    uhh you said flameing shoes thats not even what there called

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