daily question

ok guys todays question is in sweet battle which is the most damaging weapon and in which location it will show its full effect

of and btw yesterday’s question winner was william and correct answer was february 2008(i said that its not when it was released it when the work on it got started)

william i will gift u ur prize



  1. elise__23 said

    the most dangerous is the cake i think

  2. cazmoraze said


  3. cazmoraze said

    Oh im sirflipflop

  4. lucario said

    the most dangerous is the popcorn, and i think its most dangerously used inwide lands, like the pink 1.


  5. cazmoraze said

    Its that sugar thingy IM SIRFLIPFLOP!

  6. angry13 said

    the cake and the yellow place beacuase you dont have place to run

  7. cotunbol said

    if the all the popcorn its u .. it goes 40 life of u .. so the pop corn one in the right side is the most dangerous
    for longer ranges bubble and stars are the dangerous
    for near popcorn and star and cake is dangerous… most dangerous is the popcorn in the very right

  8. cotunbol said

    the popcorn effect will be dangerous in the green stage as there is one place that is down hill .. it really traps u..

  9. chobotsaiyan said

    go infront of ur opponent and throw

  10. elise__23 said

    mine is first comment(cake)
    it shows its full power in clear space

  11. chobotsaiyan said

    but it didnt say the location in the first comment
    i placed location on mine

  12. Hugz4Life said

    i think it is the………popcorn.i lost 40 points cause of it……tsk tsk tsk tsk.

  13. ZCHAD said

    i think it is the chillie dog because if played it every day and i alway’s win by that weapen

  14. ccdog said

    it’s the sugar and salt especially when you are in a ditch the salt keeps rebounding onto you I lost 50 once

  15. i think its the sugar….

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