chobots easter party

hey guys smurfet have announced that the chobots easter party will be held

it will be at 20:00 chobots time(too bad i wont be able to make it)

go! and canab will do awesome magic and you will get a special item there(u will need to ask smurfet or sonorous for it) those who wont be able to make it will have this available in shops(but not for free)

i think the party will be superb btw what do you think will be the items?

i think it will be a easteregg backpack

comment away what u think it will be



  1. Hugz4Life said

    i think it will be great!what day is it by the way?i think their gonna hand out free easter egg stink bombs!jk!

  2. Mightythunder89 said

    I think it will be a bag like an egg and we will hunt for eggs.
    Then when we find them all we will see the open eggs button then we will get(number of eggs we will find)random prizes
    Random prizes can be the the fire wings and many more!!!
    LOL wide imagination huh LOL!!!

  3. Ryan6124 said

    When will it be at EST Timezone?

  4. chobotsaiyan said

    i think its a carrot

  5. Mightythunder89 said

    No Smurfet said it’s not a carrot saiyan.
    Filipino Chat mode:
    Hindi mo ba tsinityek yung blog niya ha saiyan?

  6. chobotsaiyan said

    dude, its warrior talk. xD

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