chobots agent blacklist

hey guys do you know chobots made a agent blacklist
agent badge

heres what will happen
dont ask to be agent ask to be agent you get a warning ask to be agent you get ur last warning and ur chances might get decreased

3.if you ask to be agent 3rd time u will never be aloud to be agent and all accounts from your ip/email wont be able to become agents either




  1. Jaymunk said

    oh 😦

  2. Jaymunk said

    oh 😦
    i will never get to be an agent!!!!!!!

    • chobottimes said

      don’t worry just don’t ask to be agent and do what a agent does and u will be agent before u know it

  3. ashley209 said


  4. chobotsaiyan said

    i cant go on chobots!!!
    everytime i click “play now” it always says connection error
    ! help?

    • chobottimes said

      saiyan the connection error appears when ur internet connection is interrupted or chobots team is making updates

  5. cotunbol said

    no.. for 2 hours chobots were not able to be logged in

  6. PoliPixel said

    SCARY!!! I’LL NEVER ASK!!!! Not like I have anyway.

  7. Mightythunder89 said

    That’s a good thing!!! Now I will not warn ppl like this:don’t ask to be an agent

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