daily question

hey guys we will be making daily question and the prizes will eb given daily

todays question=in which month chobots project was started(im not talking about its release im talking about its time when it was started to be made)

ps:if you dont know the answer then np ntohing goes in guessing

note:1 answer per person only



  1. Video said


  2. elise__23 said

    i think july 2008

  3. William said

    someting in my head is saying feb 2008, thats my answer

  4. cotunbol said


  5. cotunbol said


  6. yousef2 said

    october 2008

  7. ashley209 said

    January 2008

  8. ashley209 said

    I think….

  9. evynn said

    the best is the flying disc when u use it on the green levels at the very left or right

  10. i think september 2001?

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