a little conversation with chobot

hey guys whoever thinks non agents can enter agent hq and enter it by taking chobot’s name i had a little conversation with him to clear it all

chobot:non agents will be kicked as its the only way to get them out of the room


me:and what if a non agent enter the room and no mod in on

chobot:report the person who invited and the non agent to enter and i will see it


so you all got it non agents will be punished for wentering hq(if u dont trust it ask chobot urself)



  1. 12asfd12 said

    You know me
    Its 12asdf12
    Can you plz tell me how to make a video
    Im on Chocolate at cafe street now
    Come and private chat me!

  2. 12asdf12 said


  3. ancient said

    cool Aayush thanks for warning us i used to invite non agents in ill keep my eye on the HQ + cool new theme and bio cards! how do you do them?

    • chobottimes said

      i do them using photoshop

  4. kittycatcutie said

    chobots wont speak 2 any1 though

  5. ancient said

    hmmm ok chould you help me do i have 2 buy it?

    • chobottimes said

      yes u have to buy it

  6. Mightythunder89 said

    I am always going there it’s just a small place with a TV there.

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