huge blogroll out

hey guys our huge blog roll is finally out and we are accepting joinings

anyone can join the blog roll

all you have to do is to comment your chobots site and chobots username and add chobotstimes to ur blogroll

note:when i read a comment i will visit the site and if chobotstimes isnt already on its blogroll you will never get the chance of being in the blogroll before you comment you first add chobotstimes to ur blogrol

announcement:the blogroll will go public after a week(dont worry your site will be added to blogroll immediately after i see us on your blogroll)

tip:i just guessed that its a week it will go public when we have enough blogs if we get enough blogs today then it will go public today itself



  1. potter909 said

    Hey Aayush.
    Chobot: Potter909
    I want to enter


  2. Gonzales said

    hey aayush i want to be in, in ur blog roll
    Blog By Gonzales

  3. Gonzales said

    i want to be in, in ur blog roll
    blog by gonzales

  4. erpy said

    Ok my name is erpy and my website is called chobots+clubpenguin

  5. Name: Gerbil

  6. Ryan149 said

    Name: Ryan6124

  7. Mightythunder89 said

    Chobot chobots a family game,
    it’s very fun and it’s not lame.

    It always put a smile on my face,
    chobots is a wonderful place

    Here on chobots you can make some friends,
    and sometimes some agent friends.

    Chobots is a place to be,
    it has many games for you and me.

  8. Mightythunder89 said

    Hope you like it it’s just short sorry bout that

  9. iqhnjkfh said


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