jeff’s big lie

hey guys jeff did a really really fallen trick to get hits on his site

heres what he did:he made a false story that someone hacked him and said everyone that the name of hacker e.t.c are on his site and thus everyone visited his site and he got hits(isnt it the most fallen way to get hits) and it isnt all he tried to blame it on me(you can ask chobot that i didnt did it or ask any other mod he will check it and tell u the truth)

the results of his lies:


the lie:


edit:now oliver1 left that blog too

edit:william left his blog too now

now u all can see how big lier and fallen guy jeff is

ps:to post this headline and breaking news on your blog u can use our pictures or take it from his  blog



  1. Gonzales said

    yeah i think its lie
    by the way jeff give to urs his password?

  2. potter909 said

    Aayush is right guys that is why i quit. I was there when chobot said: U R CLEAN!
    I always thought that an agent like jeff should act better than that and to set an example for others. I am really disappointed 😦


  3. potter909 said

    Edit: William Left too

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