new updates

hey guys new updates are here like new clothing,cinema and agent hq


hey guys guess what cinema is also out you can view the hit chobots videos there now(however chobots team just added a few videos there for testing they will remove those and upload them and a lot new videos soon

run to the cinema as fast as u can

agent hq:

the agent hq is out and is situated at the underground(both citizen and agent underground have path to it)it isnt on map11


note:agents dont invite people to agent hq or you wil be punished

note to non0-agents-if u wil come to agent hq by invite then u will face punishments too

ps:if you were wondering how we got on the screen then canab had put us)

new clothes and new shop

new shop is here but do you know there are 6 pieces of catalogs in shop now


new color shower:

the new color shower is also out i guess everybuddy already knw how the color shower works but now go and expirience it billions of colors are waiting


pet making update:

hey guys the shape of pet making is changed and its in round shape now


park clock update:

hey guys the clock update is also here the clock shows both date and time now


recycle bin update:

hey guys the recycle bin update is here too:( from now on you will be able to sell ur clothes for a very low price than at the time u bought them


this means the cloth limit update is also here 😦

so these were all the updates


also the chobots is going crazy(its not party of april fool)

but when u try to go somewhere by map u get redirected somewhere else.other stange happening are happening too(they are all bugs)maybe chobots team didnt knew that will happen


see ya around soon




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  2. Mightythunder89 said

    No,were not gonna be punished.
    I go there many times!
    I am not punished

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