guess whos dominating the cow mission

hey guys guess whos dominating the cow mission

have a look for urself




  1. chobotsaiyan said

    lol vayer will get citizenship
    i got a cool glitch!
    we lost our citizenship be4 right?
    i clicked my status and it didnt say free anymore… but i waited and suddenly it says 3-10 days free!

  2. chobotsaiyan said

    wait only 3 days

  3. whiteduncan said


    • gogter said

      hey you know i had a guy called azharul and what the! he got banned! for no reason! so unfair! you mods gonna pay for this! expeat vareyman $chobot$.

  4. gogter said

    yo yo did you know people over100 years old get free citizenship for 10 days!!! omg!! its wikied!

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