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ahh another headless guy

aayush-headlessi give up can you guess who he is?


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drawing competition

guys see saiyan did thing for me its pure hard work

and by this i thought of a competition a drawing competition

what u have 2 do

there will be 2 comps

in one you have to draw any aayush related stuff but in real life drawing

in the other you have to draw aayush related stuff using computer

prizes-drawing-contestthose 8 prizes will be given euqally(chlos top will be given to the better one from hand drawing and computer drawing)

ps:if you do a super good one then you wil get a carrot too



no using chobots graffti

no using special sites or softwares that can do this automatically


get drawing may the best drawing win

how to submit the picture?

ans:first upload it on then comment its link

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aayush quickee party

aayush had a quickee party at milky way house shop(accurate 10 min party)

we got a lot of ppl(it was the time when least chobots are online and depending on that it was super lot)
we had 3 full bars with our ppl lately

heres a picture of when i came to the party and it wasnt about 1 full min of its startingi know not a lot but when a lot of ppl started showing up i was not able to take pics because i didn’t knew how many times i šŸ˜›

lately a mod showed up a did some cool magic
then after he gone and party was still rockingĀ  i had a dance contest and the winner was

the party was so much fun
ps:i am gonna have another tomorrow but with a lot more ppl(and a secret crashing solution)
so keep updated
comment what u think
we love to hear from you

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sliders competition

hey guys a sliders competition by us is coming

how it take place:you will be made to vs another player in starting

in semi finals ou will be put in groups and the group must win(mens grup members must defeat opposite group members)

if finals groups will face the last remaining winning groups and when a group wins its members will oppose each other




this handy medal will have your name engraved on it and your playercard too.this u can put on sites to prove your worthness in sliders

2 carrots


joining and deadline-you can apply from now on itself you will have to write oyur chobots name and your in

deadline-6 may


guys join the comp fast

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daily question

the new daily question is here.

same rules and conditions apply the first one to answer correctly wins

dont know the answer?nothing goes in guessing


yesterday’s question-

who was the first invisible chobot to be spotted on chobots

answer:the thing

person to win:none(everyone guessed chlos,aayush and canab)


today’s question

which hover boots did vayerman show to people in the sneek peeks

ps:you have to write catalog page number row and item number

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aayush shirts

have a look )

aayush-shirt-textaayush-shirt-picturelike em?they will come in chobots soon

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daily question

sorry guys for not makign daily question for some days(slaps myself) but i ran outta money and was trying to earn money anyway i decided a fixed prize for the daily question


today’s question=

who was the first ever invisible chobot to be spotted in chobots


no winners from last qustion none gave the answer i wanted

so that question will go on untill its solved by someone

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