bad news bad upcoming update

hey guys bad news there will be clothes limit soon and do you wondered whats that pit in your wardrobe shape?its a dust bin it will soon start working and you will be able to lose clothes 4ever by it and thus be able to buy more clothing(and get some bugs(it will; be a lot less than its price) if u reach the limit

the limit is still unown

heres a pic of the recycle bin open




  1. Mightythunder89 said

    I knew it was a recycle bin!!Because it has the arrows!

  2. summer said

    I have a yahoo and it wont let me write!

  3. summer said

    please let me write on chobots

  4. azharul said

    ah? you guys wont bileve me! a nicho was in my mates and mines house!!! unfourtourntly it took me away! now im trapped in nichos kingdom! help.hey guys i know there evil plan! there plan is to discise as chobots and get the cho energey! be carefull! AND PLEASE GET ME OUT OF NICHOS KINGDOM!!!!

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