new glitch

hey guys i discovered a new glitch heres it

imageheres how

1.go to the outside of pet shop on the left corner on the glass of makeyourownhouseshop(where were standing)

3.tada your there

edit:heres a video version of how to do it



  1. Mightythunder89 said

    Coool!!It’s working!!

    Joke time:
    Question:What animal is in your head
    Answer:A Hare(another name for rabbit)

    Question:What did the judge say when a skunk walk on the court?
    Answer:Odor in the court!

    Question:There are 10 cats in a boat one jumped out how many were left?
    Answer:None,because they were copy cats!

    Question:What did the eyebrow said to the other eyebrow?
    Answer:Hi Bro!(Eye brow hehee)

    Question:What jam can’t you eat?
    Answer:A traffic jam and a pa-JAM-a

    Hope you like my jokes.Reply if they are funny

  2. ??????? said

    its not a glitch

  3. Soccergirl101 said

    nice jokes

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