new author recruiment

a new author is wanted


-must be active

-must be good i writing

-must be able to take pictures

here it is


write a article on the upcoming updates(use and inspire the sneek peeks we released)make it as detailed as possible then comment it to this post



  1. Hey Chobots!
    Here’s some awesome things that are going to be coming up in the next month or two:
    1.The awesome Cinema
    2.The Agent HQ
    3.Updates on new clothes

    Are you excited? I am! Woohoo!

    aayush:blade you have to act like the updates are here and have to give all the details of update too

  2. angry13 said

    Hello Blogges

    How Are U?

    It Almost ready go! told me that the
    *Agents HQ

    its going to be on 30 or 31 march
    its going to so Fun!!!!!!!!!



  3. iqhnjkfh said

    hey chobots
    the agent headquaters and the cinema are comin soon so hold on tight!
    also there is a really BIG secert coming your way soon!

  4. chobotsaiyan said

    hey guys
    it says that chocolate server was 1st popular, next was Live Star, and the next is…. New York City!

  5. mondobob8970 said

    hey whats up chobots! ok we are going to have an awesome ammount of updates!

    first the agent HQ! here it will allow you to see anyone thats saying bad words. also you can switch servers! you can get here through a pipe that s in one of the undergrounds

    Second is the cinima or Chollywood! you can watch videos hand picked by moderators and actually listen to them!

    Time update. This will allow you to see what day it is too!

    Colors updates! you can change from a bunch of different colors and even your clothes can change!

    New Clothes! this includes detecive glasses and awesome t-shirts with various designs on it.

    also a contest is comming up, Sliders or Chopaeff

    Most of these updates should be here on monday!

    Also about 2 weeks after sweet battle will be updated!


  6. mondobob8970 said

    also i forgot one, you can throw away certian clothes and get a fraction of what you payed, at least you get money!

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