another competition

well its like a trend to draw me(aayush) today liek 10 people drew me(its only half day passed) so i thought to make a competition

all you have to do is to draw me and take a picture of it upload it on and comment the picture

prize:clothing of your choice of 6000 bugs

ps:here here are 2 submittions


ps:if you try your best to draw me then you will get a special prize too(even if you dont win)



  1. _ip0d_(or pinknblue11) said

  2. chobotsaiyan said

  3. chobotsaiyan said


  4. Gerbil said

  5. Gerbil said

    Sorry about no color if u need color just tell me and i will color it

  6. babycuty said

    hi aaysuh can i just draw it on paint coz i cannot take a pic coz my cam is destroy by my lil bro

    no you need to draw it on the wall only
    oh and btw you dont need a camera to do it theres a button in ur keybord to do it


  7. hi aayush
    i drew a good picture first. then some1 called rader and bear,rubbed it off.
    so heres the other pic i made which is nothin compared to da 1st 1

  8. ip0d said

    when does the contest end..

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