The day i met the lion at half past three!

hey uys here is a poem i wrote and which they posted up! have a look!

Here is an outstanding poem written by Waysarbi

i walk to the cafe in a leisurely pace,
i see my friends playing space race

but when i arrive at my favorite destination
i see a chobot screaming OH RUN, OH RUN!

so i dash into the cafe, with magical speed
many chobots soon came after my lead

so i quickly opened the large cafe door
to see all the commotion when i heard a loud ROAR

i looked around to see many chobots panicking
i have never seen the cafe in such a smashing

there were broken chairs everywhere!
a table, a cup and broken hardware!

then i saw to my very surprise
two large white and black eyes!

Behind all that dust and rubble
seemed to be some kind of trouble

so i told my friends to lift up the tables
being careful not to touch the cables

it was a long and breathtaking task
but in the end we uncovered a chobot with a LION MASK!

we asked him what was all the commotion
then he replied with a swift forward motion 

‘ i was wearing my mask to the cafe,
when someone screamed AHH LION OH ME!

so they stampeded out like a bunch monkeys
and so they trod on poor little me’s!

but i must thank u for rescuing me!
otherwise i would have been here till half past THREE!”

me and my friends all had a merry laugh.
we all needed to go home and bath!

that night i had a dream, not about pirates, oceans or seas!
But about the day i met the lion at about half past three.



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