Urgent message from chobots team

hey guys here is an urgent message from the chobots team

This time I have a serious issue my dear Chobots!
We really need help with Earth Research Topics. We need to find interesting facts about the Blue Planet and share them among Chobots community. Having this important information Chobots scientists will help humans making The Earth a better place!

This is the important task, so we do rely on our agents and all active Chobots.
I am asking all bloggers to have a post about Earth Research and all forum creators to have a discussion board about it.
Earth Research Tips Submitting Rules
1. Your Earth Research Tips should have a title, it has to be short and interesting  and contain small graphics describing it. BTW, You can use our graffiti to create it.
3. Your Earth Research Tip should be posted at one of Agents or Moderators Blogs or Forums.
4. You should post a link as a comment to this topic.
5. Alternative way is sending an e-mail with your topic to support@chobots.com but it will take more time to process.
Once we select your topic to include into our system, you will receive great prizes including Bugs, Citizen Passes or Even Exclusive Clothing orBadges.  I will come up with more detailed updates on this soon, because research is on-going process which should never be stop!
I hope to hear from you soon!
so please contribute!!!!
aayush:dear chobots,if you want you can post your research as a comment on our site
i am releasing a page where i will be putting all the user suggested earth tips with full credits
plus i suggest before mailing chobotsteam you post a comment here and we put it in on the page and then you can mail them the link of the page that will make a better impession


  1. Jaymunk said

    this is hard because i dont know what to say
    Do we just have to say something thats interesting about the earth or something to help the earth?
    im confused

    waysarbi- it just says make an interesting piece of writing about the earth. not helping the earth. eg trees you can write about trees. it must be ur own info and pictures! no copying pasting!!

  2. Xusher said

    I study about everything. It is very interesting to me.

  3. Gerbil said

    I dont think i am gonna enter

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