Entrance to the nicho kingdom

hey guys, it isnt released yet but i believe the entrance will be here (in blue box)nicho-kingd-entrancein the house thing it looks like a contronl tower or something! well thats my guess!!! tell me yours!





  1. chobotsaiyan said

    i think its under constuction

  2. Jaansiva said

    Pls check your chobots mail.I think that is a water suplier.Why you did not reccomend me?
    waysarbi- i did i told tinagothic abt u. she sed she will consider u. i have recommended u

  3. Gurpreet8 said

    I think it is a space ship to nicho kingdom

  4. Doraemon said

    I asked go!,he said that nicho kingdom will open in about 2 weeks.

    P.S.I asked about 2 or 3 days ago

  5. Mightythunder89 said

    I think it’s just our house it looks a lot our house

  6. thadeus said

    same i think its space ship with a lot of fire and guards and have a laser thing asnd if u complete the quest u will find new room hehehehee

  7. Gerbil said

    It looks like it may be it i acnt wait to find out what that room will be

  8. Clear said

    The Nichos kingdom is a mission so it will be at the mission agency portal. That place is the upcoming cinema(i think)

  9. djvilaslt said

    Hey guys this is just a place for parties the official chobots sais it will be maked for parties.

  10. gogter said

    clear do you remembre a guy called azharul? well thats me! i know i havent been online for a while you know why? cause i were playing with LOADS of chobots then they betraded me! they all reported me cause this guy called ddhgfgfgfgf
    scammed and they all thought i was him! so they all reported me! it makes me sad 🙂

  11. gogter said


  12. gogter said

    not 🙂 i meant 😦

  13. gogter said


  14. chobotnorg said

    I can’t see the picture

    • aayush said

      the picture was accidently deleted.the team is very sorry

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