new author recruiment

ok guys heres it we will be appointing one more author

i know a lot of you were waiting for this

heres how to qualify

a interview will be taken of all the people trying to participate

bringing more people to chobotstimes and putting chobotstimes on ur blogroll will increase your chances

you first need to write a good article with pictures on the topic”new updates” you must consider all the updates made in this update(of couse your not alpoud to use the ones chobotstimes will post)

it must contain atleast 5 updates

and you need to upload the pictures only on

also u need to post the test and pictures in positions





and then comment it on chobotstimes

the winner list will be then choosen and will be interviewed



  1. chobotsaiyan said


  2. Hey this is Josip52 i would like to apply for the job!

    check my site for some cool Pictures ok Lol!

  3. BTW I’ve got adobe cs3 photo shop

  4. iqhnjkfh said

    I want to apply i have GIMP and adobe photoshop CS3

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