nichos kingdom

safter the spies of nichos chobots will now try to know what the nichos are up to and thus some brave,courageous and clever chobots are needed for this super secret and dangeroud mission

its dark and dangeroud lus full of traps
you need a lot of magic and clever mind for it(it should not include citizen magic.i am not sure about it)
you will need a friend to help you pass the kingdom as there are dangerous traps everywhere

also here is a screenshot of vayerman wearing the flying boots in action



  1. Jaymunk said


  2. snowflake00 said

    how do you know it wont need citizen magic?

    • chobottimes said

      just a guess

  3. Mightythunder89 said

    I can handle it! I am brave!!And if I need citizen magic uh-oh(hehehee)we can figure the traps out!!I will tell my friends/classmates to go on Chobots then when we are trapped no problem we will try it again!!because we know the traps!!see??

  4. hey when will it be?

  5. ssss said


  6. reece said

    where is the secret place

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