Chobots to set to the sky?

hey guys, the chobots team have released that they are going to have shoes which can make u FLY!  but im not sure if it is for citizens only or not. here is a picture:flychoit looks pretty cool! hopefully it will be for all! or maybe its for agents to go on missions? tell me wat u think 😉

edit: IT IS FOR EVERYONE HURRAY!!!! i cant wait for it to come out!




  1. jaymunk said


  2. Mightythunder89 said

    Yeeepy!! I can’t wait it’s for everyone,I am wondering how much does it cost.
    I got a cheat:
    I have a cheat.When your at live star or catville,say to a buddy that’s on other server without chopix.Now your at chocolate(for example)then go to the park chopix is now there!!
    PS.I am not just sure you can see robots.

  3. bubblebill said

    They will be for everyone!!!
    Have fun! 😀

  4. jaymunk said

    Thats a cool cheat and the things look AWESOME

  5. chobotsyard said

    hi nice blog

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