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bad news bad upcoming update

hey guys bad news there will be clothes limit soon and do you wondered whats that pit in your wardrobe shape?its a dust bin it will soon start working and you will be able to lose clothes 4ever by it and thus be able to buy more clothing(and get some bugs(it will; be a lot less than its price) if u reach the limit

the limit is still unown

heres a pic of the recycle bin open



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mine and sonorous bday

hey guys today is my 100 days bday and today is sonorous 150 days bday and today a lot other of u are 100 too


hbday-sonorousto sonorous,me and to you(if you tuned 100 today too)

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A random art piece

hey guys, i will be drawing the new series soon. but before tat here is a random drawing i did.dots1


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cool chobot poll ends(art series results are out)

so here are the 4 coolest chobot that were voted the most and will be drawn in the art series

2.canab(redo him)

ok lets celebrate fro these 4 coolest chobots and art series winners

waysarbi will draw them and release the art series soon

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our youtube channel

hey people i am happy to say that our you tube channel is called -“chobot aayush”

and as you all know there are a lot of entertaining videos on our you tube and we will make a thousand more videos in the coming weeks

if you give a suggestion to make a film or video and we like it we will make it with credits to you

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new chobots security system

hey guys are u wondering where did a lot of spam messages and other rule breaking by chats go?
the answer is chobots put a security system by which if you say anything rule breaking then you get banned for 30 seconds(not ban but its just like that)
heres a pic if what appear at screen
t appear if share or ask for private information
2.use any expression with sexual and violent content online on chobots
4.scam or tease users by conversation or action
5.share links unless its for a chobots blog
6.spam other users

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the new cow mission competition is started

hey all the cow mission competition is started start playing cow mission now

tinagothic says everyone will get a assured prize this time


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